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ITMG releases new manufacturing strategic insights report

Toronto – May 1, 2019 – The IT Media Group is pleased to announce the release of The Big Makeover: How Digital Transformation is Changing the Face of Canadian Manufacturing. This Strategic Insights Report applies to the entire range of functions throughout the industry, including the supply chain, the factory floor, product development, and sales and marketing.

It is intended to shed light on how new digital technologies are impacting these functions, what present and future benefits they may offer, and the challenges involved in digital transformation.

Most manufacturing executives understand that we are entering a period of industry disruption so sweeping that it has already earned the weighty title Fourth Industrial Revolution. The source of this disruption is a wide range of new and emerging digital technologies that have the ability to radically transform processes and even render them obsolete. As Canadian manufacturers contemplate the challenges facing their industry, they would do well to remember Mark Twain’s quip: “Everybody talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it.” If manufacturers are to count themselves among the survivors of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it won’t be enough for them merely to talk about it – they too must do something about it.

But where to begin? What exactly are these new technologies, and who is using them? When will they really start making a competitive difference? And what do they mean for the industry? The purpose of this report is to provide some of the answers to these questions.

To provide insights into this difficult problem, the IT Media Group (ITMG) undertook a research project with sponsorship from Salesforce Canada. The initiative was led by Nasheen Liu, ITMG Managing Partner and SVP Program Strategy. Primary research, industry polling, executive interviews, and initial content was completed by Dr. Peter Carr of the University of Waterloo. Dave Carey, ITMG VP Content, was responsible for additional research, content creation, and report editing. Content review, final edits, and report production was completed by Jeff Ishii, ITMG Chief Technologist and VP Operations.

This study contributes to ITMG’s mission of supporting and adding value to the CIO community in Canada. It is our goal to provide a wide range of opportunities for direct engagement between IT vendors and CIOs, enabling them to share knowledge and opinions, provide thought leadership, build relationships, and engage in a dialogue of benefit to both parties.

The IT Media Group is an award-winning producer of programs and content for senior IT executives. Based in Toronto, our leadership team includes some of the most experienced and well respected technology, media and business professionals serving the IT executive community in Canada.

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