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Location Economics Sparks Discussions in Financial Services

On Wednesday, November 14th, 2012 The IT Media Group facilitated a roundtable discussion about Location Economics with a group of senior financial services executives. Our client, DMTI Spatial, a provider of industry-leading Location Economics solutions, hosted the session at the Gardiner Museum. 

After a welcome address by John Fisher, CEO and chairman of DMTI Spatial, the session was kicked off by John Pickett, Principal and VP of Executive Programs at The IT Media Group. Mr. Pickett introduced Asif Khan, president and founder of the Location Based Marketing Association (LBMA). Just returned from his travels to Asia and Europe, Mr. Khan briefed participants about the uptake of location specific opportunities worldwide. He explained that data volume, velocity and variety are the three key factors that drive the adoption of location intelligence solutions.

Senior executives from Canada Guaranty, Carson Dunlop, Centract, Equifax and FNF Canada shared their big data challenges and what they hoped to achieve by leveraging location intelligence solutions. Mr. Pickett facilitated discussion on key topics related to data ownership, accuracy, security and privacy, which sparked highly engaging discussions.

Participants confirmed that location intelligence has become an important component of just about all business activities. It was concluded that more than 85% of business data has location attached to it. When managed properly, location-based data can provide a multitude of opportunities for financial services institutions to improve time to market, minimise risk, and increase customer satisfaction.

The evening was concluded with a dinner prepared by renowned chef Jamie Kennedy.

DMTI Spatial is a provider of industry-leading Location Economics solutions that contain the most relevant, rich and reliable location content available anywhere.

LBMA is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering a community of interest around marketing of location-specific opportunities.

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