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Latest Events

Virtual Roundtable: CIO Essentials for Accelerating Growth

On June 23, 2021, The IT Media Group will host a Canadian virtual roundtable, “CIO Essentials for Accelerating Growth.”

COVID-19 forced organizations to adapt to business and operational disruptions. Companies that made more extensive investments in digital technologies, both before and during the pandemic, were better able to navigate the crisis and recover faster than their less nimble competitors.


Virtual Roundtable: Empowering the New State of Work

Work is a critical part of many people's lives. With recent technology improvements and shifts brought on by the pandemic, CIOs have a unique opportunity to rethink where and how work gets done. IT leaders are leveraging modern collaboration tools and open platforms to help realize the potential to meet their organization's objectives.


Panel: Building Cross-Generational Collaboration

As glimmers to the end of the pandemic appear on the horizon, organizations are readying themselves to return to growth. The key to this transition will be a focus on the diversity and inclusion agenda. Researchers agree that an organizational culture that fosters belonging will significantly improve job performance and employee net promoter scores.


Virtual Roundtable: Cybersecurity Essentials for the New Normal

The digital landscape changed as organizations moved workers from inside their corporate networks to their homes and into the cloud. Unfortunately, malicious actors learned to take advantage of the new environments, and cybersecurity incidents increased dramatically.


Panel: Jumping the Big Tech Hurdles

The past year created many challenges that organizations had to overcome. As the global economy rebuilds in 2021, there is a need to reflect on those challenges and share best practices. Key to the agenda will be an emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion.