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Virtual Roundtable: Strategies for Enabling the Data-Driven Enterprise

On October 28, 2020, The IT Media Group will host a Canadian CIO virtual roundtable, “Strategies for Enabling the Data-Driven Enterprise.”

The pandemic accelerated the move toward digital business models because of mandates to enhance engagement with employees, suppliers, and customers. Companies must plan for this trend to continue through the recovery phase and beyond.

CIOs play an essential role in implementing robust data frameworks and providing comprehensive digital services to stakeholders throughout their organizations.

Data provides the basis for operational and business value. Businesses that effectively harvest their data assets will emerge as market leaders. Unfortunately, the volumes, types, and sources of data add complexity to IT capabilities. The challenge for CIOs is to execute a data strategy that empowers people and drives change.

With these principles in mind, IT must modernize operations and provide an agile data foundation. These objectives require that CIOs protect and manage data assets while also ensuring easy utilization across the organization.

This roundtable will explore challenges, approaches, and best practices for the following data-driven discussion areas:

  • Creating a modernized data framework
  • Governance and compliance considerations
  • Enabling data services and discovering insights
  • People-centric data enablement strategies

Participation at our CIO roundtable is complimentary and by-invitation-only. All participants will receive a summary report that includes the challenges, strategic insights, and best practices discussed during the roundtable. Interested senior IT executives can inquire about this event by contacting: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use this link to subscribe to our VIP members list for future considerations.

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